Lifeline is a 24-hour Emergency Response System, Passport certified that provides you and your family with the security of knowing that help is only "the push of a button" away. Having Lifeline means you will never have to feel alone or frightened since a Lifeline representative is always available and willing to assist. Zandex Health Care Corporation is proud to offer this product to individuals as a community service. In doing so, Lifeline is being offered at a reduced cost to the customer. Charges are as follows:

Monthly Charge: $21.50 per month or $120.00 bi-annually
The first month's charges will be prorated. Invoices will be mailed at the first of each month.

Installation fee: FREE

Call today to schedule an appointment for your Lifeline service to be installed!
Tammy Durant (740) 319-5005
Fax (740) 454-7439